Purchase WA’s world famous premium rock lobsters direct from your local fisher as soon as they reach port.

Back of Boat ensures the WA community has continuous connection to the freshest wild-caught lobster straight from live tanks on the boat.

Certified sustainable

Protecting our future.

WA’s iconic Western Rock Lobster became the first fishery in the world to be certified as ecologically sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council­ back in 2000.

Western rock lobster is Australia’s most valuable single-species wild capture fishery and has supported coastal communities in WA for generations.


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Behind the scenes

A look at western rock lobster fishing operation

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Looking after our future

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Culture, Community & Connection

From catch to plate.

Boiling, steaming, barbecuing and sashimi are some of the most popular ways to enjoy delicious western rock lobster with a wide range of complimentary tastes and textures to create your desired meal.

SHOWN HERE: Wild BBQ lobster with lime, chilli and ginger

Read our full guide to handling and storing live lobster.

Did you know?

Western rock lobster are sometimes mistakenly called ‘crayfish’ or ‘crays’. Lobsters have claws and live in the marine (ocean) environment, rock lobsters are marine but without claws and crayfish are actually from freshwater like marron and yabbies.

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