How to BBQ lobster


Split the lobster lengthways along the back with a very sharp knife. Peel off the black vein from the tail and remove the tomalley by brushing it away gently with your fingers under running water (tail pointed up and not under the tap to ensure fresh water doesn’t wash away the slightly salty taste of the meat).


Sprinkle sea salt on the lobster flesh, add olive oil or butter if desired. Place lobster shell side down on barbecue for around 5 minutes (depending on size of lobster). Shell side down helps retain the juices. 


When the meat closer to the tail has turned white, but the meat near the centre is still slightly opaque, turn lobster over (flesh side down) for a minute or two. 


Turn the lobster over again, add olive oil or your desired sauce (such as herbed butter) and allow to warm through (further minute or two). 

BENEFITS: Barbecuing the lobsters will infuse the smoky flavour of the coals and any marinades or butters.

Lobster Cooking Chart

Use these standard Lobster cooking times based on the weight of your Lobster for perfectly cooked flesh every time!

Weight Boil Steam
8 - 9 mins
10 - 12 mins
9 - 10 mins
12 - 14 mins
600+ gm
10 - 12 mins
14 - 17 -mins

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