How to prepare sashimi lobster


Split the whole raw lobster in half lengthwise and remove the lobster meat from the shell.


Dice the lobster meat into small cubes and drop into iced water and clean off the sticky juices (no more than 1 minute) then remove water with kitchen paper.


Marinate in the cut wedges of lemon or lime and its freshly squeezed juice (30 minutes). Place over a bed of ice to keep cool.

BENEFITS: Simplest way to enjoy freshly-caught lobster.

Lobster Cooking Chart

Use these standard Lobster cooking times based on the weight of your Lobster for perfectly cooked flesh every time!

Weight Boil Steam
8 - 9 mins
10 - 12 mins
9 - 10 mins
12 - 14 mins
600+ gm
10 - 12 mins
14 - 17 -mins

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